About Madhumita

Singer, Performer, Teacher and Recording artist Mrs. Madhumita Chatterjee, fondly called Mita, is an exceptionally talented and gifted singer/musician. She has spent her entire life in learning, teaching and performing North Indian music. She started at the age of six under her mother’s guidance and then was enrolled in the famed Rabitirtha Music Institution run by legendary Suchitra Mitra. Madhumita’s early renditions of Rabindra Sangeet caught the attention of Calcutta news media and others.

About Samir

Samir’s becoming a musician was purely accidental. A cousin brother of his had bought a Hobner guitar in Calcutta as he was just beginning to learn. Samir fiddled with the guitar and was fascinated by its strings and the sounds. He also enrolled under the same tutor. Their teacher was SwapanChatterjee of Bani Chakra Music School.